"Our tools are better than we are, and grow better faster than we do. They suffice to crack the atom, to command the tides, but they do not suffice for the oldest task in human history, to live on a piece of land without spoiling it." — Aldo Leopold

Wild Words & Art — Past Winners

The Leopold Heritage Group has conducted the Wild Words & Art contest since 2007. The first year, the contest included only essays and poetry. In 2008, art was added, and in 2011, photography.

Winners from past years' contests are featured here. For contests since 2011, click the links at right. For winners from 2010, see the Notes and Photos sections of Leopold Heritage Group's Facebook page. Click here for essays and poems. And here for art.

And for older contests, visit the Burlington Public Library to seek out bound or microfilm copies of The Hawk Eye. First-place winners are printed in the Lifestyles section on the Sunday closest to Earth Day.