"All conservation of wildness is self-defeating, for to cherish we must see and fondle, and when enough have seen and fondled, there is no wilderness left to cherish." — Aldo Leopold

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A guide to sites around Burlington, Iowa, connected to Aldo Leopold and his family.

Historical marker & home site

The Aldo Leopold birthsite, the Starker house, is located at 101 Clay Street in Burlington, Iowa. Leopold also spend a portion of his youth living next door in a home known as the Leopold House. A historical marker lies at the end of the street and is accessible to the public. The homes are privately owned and visitors to the marker are asked to please respect private property. For information on the possibility of arranging a tour of the grounds for your group or organization, go to the Our Initiatives page.

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Aldo Leopold was buried in Burlington's Aspen Grove Cemetery after his untimely death from a heart attack suffered while helping a neighbor battle a brush fire. The grave marker is tucked behind the Starker family vault, at the edge of a knoll above the cemetery's frog pond. Please consult the map below for directions to the site. Click on the photos for larger views.


Natural sites

Aldo Leopold's idea of "thinking like a mountain," had its roots in his exploration of the natural world in and around his hometown of Burlington, Iowa. You can tramp in some of those same places still today, such as at Starr's Cave Park and Preserve north of the city, or the river bluffs and ravines of Crapo and Dankwardt parks on Burlington's south side.


Aldo Leopold Middle School

Burlington's northside attendance center for grades six, seven and eight, Aldo Leopold Middle School, is located along Sunnyside Avenue. It opened in August 2010 and replaced Oak Street Middle School. LHG members work with students and staff to develop, maintain and use the outdoor classroom at the site.