"We all strive for safety, prosperity, comfort, long life, and dullness." — Aldo Leopold

Our Mission

The Leopold Heritage Group is dedicated to promoting Aldo Leopold's legacy in his hometown, the natural and cultural environment of southeast Iowa, and encouraging wild landscapes.

About LHG

The Leopold Heritage Group was founded in 2004 on the idea of celebrating Leopold's life in Burlington while raising awareness of his Land Ethic, work in wildlife management, and his encouragement of understanding ecosystems. While the main focus is on Aldo, effort is given to include his brother Frederic's work and how the family gained its sensitivity to the natural environment.

Support our mission

Contributions to support our mission of building an appreciation in and around Burlington, Iowa, for the conservation ethic of native son Aldo Leopold can be made via a tax-deductible donation to the Partners for Conservation Foundation. Please be sure to earmark your contribution for use by the Leopold Heritage Group.

Donations may be sent to:

Leopold Heritage Group
c/o Partners for Conservation Foundation
P.O. Box 714
Burlington, IA 52601 

Thank you for your support. Your assistance will enable us to:

• Organize events celebrating the legacy of Aldo Leopold

• Award prizes in the annual Wild Words & Art Contest

• Promote the Leopold Heritage Group

• More ...